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Graham Vials in mid-Moth-gybeMembership to SailJuice.com gives you immediate access to racing tips and advice from some of the best sailors in the world. Every week we chat with Olympic medallists, World Champions, America's Cup veterans and many other top-notch sailors.


We have over 510 articles/videos/MP3 audios, almost all of it exclusive to SailJuice, and we're adding new content each and every month.

The vast majority of professional sailors are happy to share their knowledge, and we love finding out what makes them tick. Even more, we want to take that knowledge and experience and pass it on to other sailors of all abilities.

Who exactly is SailJuice.com aimed at?

Anyone who wants to sail faster round the race track

If that's you, then you've come to the right place.

At SailJuice.com, we show you the skills and mindset that turn average sailors into good ones, and good ones into champions. Some of us spend our whole lives doing things the hard way when all we needed was some guidance from some people who knew better.

It's that wealth of racing experience and knowledge that we can provide at SailJuice. We'll give you the processes and systems that you'll need to start moving yourself up the scoreboard, whether you're:

  • new to racing,
  • an established club racer who's stuck in the middle of the fleet, or
  • a top 10 contestant in the national rankings who wants to win this season's big championship.

The first thing you'll want to do is to benchmark your current performance across a range of skills and competences. We'll help you home in on the ones that will make the biggest difference in the shortest possible time. You can move some of your other areas for improvement up the list as and when you clear the most important ones off your priority list.

We have loads of articles and interviews detailing the thoughts, tactics, techniques and strategies of some of the world's most famous and accomplished names in the sailing world. Here are just 10 of those experts who you might have heard of:

  • (Sir) Russell Coutts - Olympic Champion and triple America's Cup winner (pictured)      Russell Coutts
  • (Sir) Ben Ainslie - Four-time Olympic Gold Medallist
  • Iain Percy - Double Olympic Gold Medallist
  • Terry Hutchinson - America's Cup tactician and TP52 World Champion
  • Darren Bundock - Double Olympic Medallist and multiple catamaran World Champion
  • Marcelien de Koning - Olympic Silver Medallist, three-time 470 World Champion (pictured)Marcelien de Koning
  • Morgan Reeser - Olympic Silver Medallist
  • James Spithill - America's Cup helmsman, Melges 24 World Champion
  • Mark Reynolds - Double Olympic Gold Medallist
  • Paul Cayard - Star World Champion, Volvo Ocean Race winner.


We've also got exclusive MP3 audio interviews, which you can either listen to on the website, or download to your portable MP3 player. So you can be learning new skills and improving your sailing even when you're driving or getting the train to school or work.

And there is a Members' Q&A Forum where we invite you to ask the questions that will help get your own sailing to the next level, and provide answers to the questions from other members. Where some questions are particularly popular, we'll take that question and turn it into a new article, audio or video, and even ask some of SailJuice's top contacts what they think.

That's the beauty of SailJuice.com. Whatever it is that you need to get your sailing to the next level, you ask the question, and the SailJuice community will provide the answers. And all for way less than the price of a couple of ratchet blocks!


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