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For the past 25+ years, my job has brought me into contact with some of the greatest sailing minds of our time. I’ve interviewed the big names of sailing and along the way, I’ve taken the insights from these interviews and collected them into one place. Below are just a few top sailors who have shared their wisdom with us over the years...

Sailjuice interviewees

(top: Russell Coutts, Hannah Mills, Ben Ainslie, Dee Caffari, Jimmy Spithill, Pete Burling; bottom: Ian Walker, Tom Slingsby, Annemieke Bekkering, Paul Larsen, Nathan Outteridge, Xu Lijia)

At Sailjuice we never miss the chance to find out what makes the top sailors tick. The exclusive interviews & how-to guides contained inside Sailjuice Pro are geared towards sailors of any level who want to raise their game – so you can take their skills and shortcuts to lift YOUR sailing to the next level, sail faster and win more races...

Sailing Wisdom From The Greats

Sailjuice launched in 2009, and since then we've amassed a library of tips and advice, including invaluable lessons like: 

  • how to identify your No.1 priority in your campaign
  • how to see the wood for the trees when you're stuck in the middle of the fleet
  • why starting at the favoured end of the line can be the worst place to be
  • how to train harder and more effectively, and have fun doing it!
  • a 20-minute training drill that will make you faster and more reactive to changing conditions
  • how to improve your feel for the boat even when you can't get out in your boat!
  • checklists that keep you on track and make sure you don't miss a beat
  • how to develop a battle-hardened mindset
  • and much more!

The people I’ve interviewed have won multiple national, world and Olympic titles, America's Cup victories, along with record-breaking passages around the planet. With those wins comes a ton of hard-earned lessons.

They learned things the hard way... Now with Sailjuice Pro the rest of us can piggyback off their mistakes!

Like having your own coach (who's been there and done it a thousand times before)

The first time you browse our library, you'll probably come across something that makes you go:

Why didn’t I think of that before!? 

There are plenty of quick fixes that will make a huge difference to your sailing.

Things that you can implement the next time you get out on the water.

Not only that, in the first 30 days of Sailjuice Pro membership, you'll learn how to...

  • identify your weak spots and any glaring gaps in your knowledge
  • find the quick fixes that’ll make the biggest impact on your sailing
  • prepare a bulletproof plan of action for next time you’re out on the water
  • adopt the winning mindset of the sailing greats
  • be mentally prepared for whatever a race can throw at you
  • pinpoint what you need to focus on to take your sailing to the next level
  • get out of your rut, avoid the blind alleys, and make sure you’re on the right track…

These are the kind of skills, knowledge and techniques that will impact your entire sailing career.

Sail faster in less than 10 minutes per day

We know your time is precious. All you need is 10 minutes a day to bring some fresh ideas to your sailing.

Quickly identify your gaps – what you need to work on – and we'll provide you with a clear path to get there.

Sailjuice Pro members get access to...

Exclusive interviews with the champions Discover insider tactics and strategies that will give you the edge
How-to guides Learn your weak spots and how to take your sailing skills to the next level
Expert analysis breakdown videos Get the scoop on what went right – and wrong – during high-stakes sailing races
MP3 audios Improve your skills even when you're driving to work or going for a walk
Checklists & cheatsheets Make sure you're not forgetting anything vital for top performance
Inner-circle Facebook Group Get help and share ideas among our diverse community of passionate and talented sailors


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To break it down for you...



The Sailjuice 28-day Guarantee

If we haven't helped you develop a roadmap for success based after road-testing Sailjuice Pro, we'll refund you in full.

Sailing is a big sport. Multiple classes, sailors performing at different levels, etc. We can't be all things to all people, or guarantee you a win at the next Olympics. But we're confident that we can help you boost your sailing to the next level.

For that reason, we give you 28 days to try out Sailjuice Pro. If your understanding of the sport – and yourself – hasn't significantly improved within the first 4 weeks of your membership – or you feel that Sailjuice Pro simply isn't for you – we totally understand.

Just send us an email and we’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are you to tell me how to sail?
    My name is Andy Rice. I've been a sailing journalist and commentator for the past 25+ years, and interviewed the vast majority of champion sailors out there. They've been only too happy to share their insights with me, and I thought those pearls of wisdom were worth passing on! Before that, I was an Olympic campaigner in the 470 and 49er classes, and won a couple of championships at national and European level.
  • Why such a low price?
    Times are tough right now, and we want Sailjuice Pro to help as many sailors as possible. This is the perfect time to be deepening your sailing knowledge. Sailing is mostly a mental game, and there's an awful lot you can - and MUST - do OFF the water if you want to be more successful ON the water! But we won't offer such a steep discount for long! The best time to jump on board is today.
  • How is this different from a sailing book?
    You can learn a ton from sailing books – it's how I taught myself to sail, and I know many other top sailors who've done the same. In fact, I even wrote a book, Asymmetric Sailing. I recommend it – but then I would say that, wouldn't I! 😉
    However, books have their limitations. Sailing is a wide and diverse sport – Sailjuice Pro makes it quick and easy to find the lessons you need the most. We all have our preferred ways of learning and we cater for all types: text, audio and video. What's more, we encourage questions and feedback from our members – so we can provide you with the information that you need the most. Your ongoing membership means you always stay up to date with new tips, advice and techniques, taken from our latest interviews. 
  • What makes you different from other sailing sites?
    Most sailing sites give you the news. Sailjuice is here with the how-to's. We're all about sharing the actionable advice that will have a fast and lasting impact on your real-world results.
  • Should I just ditch my coach then?
    You've got a coach! Oooh, get you! Sailjuice Pro is about getting advice from the top sailors in the world. Our aim in providing the membership is to make you into a capable self-coach, but there's no need to fire your current coach! In fact we have some of the world's best coaches as Sailjuice Pro members and they recommend Sailjuice as a complementary package to their face-to-face coaching. Set targets together and SJ Pro will enable you to hit those targets faster.
  • I'm new to racing. Is Sailjuice Pro for me? 
    Probably not. Yet! Best thing is to sign up to our free newsletter and you'll get a flavour of the level that Sailjuice Pro is pitched at. Then again, we do offer a 28-day money back guarantee. We really don't mind if you want to come in and kick the tyres for a bit. If it's not for you, money back, no hard feelings!