Webinar 3: Exploring Alternative Formats & Club Activity

00:00 Welcome & introduction

03:31 Changing attention spans = sports adapting
“We’re lucky with the boating and sailing that we’re generally in very nice settings, so that’s a great opportunity for us.”
“There’s questions around what’s suitable for very young children, what’s suitable for people as they’re learning and whether it’s right to be doing competitive stuff very early on. It just has to come into consideration when you’re planning what you offer at your club.”

11:05 Case study: Increasing female on-water participation at Glossop SC
“We set up an etiquette guide for all water users, to help existing dinghy sailors and wind surfers know how the paddleboarders operate, and to help stand-up paddleboarders know what to expect from dinghy sailors and windsurfers.”
“It became the talk of the town. We have feedback from people who've never been anywhere near our sailing club who’d all heard about it and wanted to come and try.”

25:33 Case study: Reversing a long period of declining membership at Grafham Water SC
“We recognised we needed to establish a pathway for people to take them through from complete novice to expert racer rather than saying to people as we tend to do: ‘well if you can race it's fine and if you can't race, well you're on your own’.”

34:52 Diversification of activities at Keyhaven Yacht Club
“What was so interesting is seeing the social aspects. One of the things that was started last year was a kids pizza and film night, and of course the parents come down too. Later on, when they went out in the water they all knew each other and so that first barrier was broken down straightaway.”
“I really liked hearing about the critical mass; if you get more people into the club, the club instantly feels busy and then more people want to come down.”

36:16 Vibrant community at Hayling Island SC
“What's driving the changes at Hayling is a continued participation where we have a strong strategic plan.”
“Sailing as a sport has to work very hard to get those people and to provide a package that could appeal to that sort of demographic.”
“I would like to say that sailing doesn't have to be super serious. We all laugh at ourselves if we go around the mark the wrong way or we capsize…”

49:34 Q&A & final thoughts
“Once that has the festival atmosphere, the spectator aspect to it, people want to be involved and so getting the volunteers is nowhere near as hard as when you need to get a rescue boat crew on a Sunday morning…”

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