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Slow to the Fastnet...

Rambler drifting past the Fastnet

© Rolex/ Daniel Forster: Rambler drifts past the Fastnet Lighthouse

It has been slow going in the Rolex Fastnet Race. The multihulls have been able to generate their own wind for much of the way, although even the might Spindrift has struggled at times. For the keelboats, the glassy Irish Sea has been a parking lot.

It's been a more mixed bag for the Olympic Test Event in Rio, with sailors contending with a variety of conditions. Recent Sailjuice podcast interviewees are doing well, including Paul Kohlhoff in the Nacra 17s and Dave Hughes in the men's 470

The Fireball Worlds is taking place in Wales, and we've dug out on old interview with the late, great Richard Estaugh who won the 'Balls back in '07.

At, we interview some of the top sailors and coaches in the world about how they go about the business of winning in sailboats. To get a flavour of what we do...


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