What will the Roaring Twenties bring?


© Sailrocket: Paul Larsen on his way to breaking the all-time speed sailing record, raising the bar to over 65 knots

What an incredible decade it has been. It opened with the 2010 America's Cup match between the giant multihulls of Alinghi and BMW Oracle. Just three years earlier we saw Cup boats barely breaking 10 knots. Just 10 years later they were pushing 50 knots. There was Ben Ainslie's achievement at London 2012, a fourth gold making him the most successful Olympic sailor of all time.

Oft forgotten but every bit as remarkable in its own way was Paul Larsen and the SailRocket team smashing the world speed sailing record, raising the bar to over 65 knots. In our End of Decade podcast we look back through some of the most remarkable moments of the decade, and we wonder what the next ten years will bring. This was the decade of foiling. What will the Roaring Twenties look like?

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